Class List & Pricing


Mondays, 11am – Equipment Pilates – Challenging Intermediate.
Mondays, noon – Equipment Pilates – Challenging Intermediate (**NEW Begins May 5**)
Mondays, 7pm – Reformer/Mat Combo Class (**NEW Begins May 5**)
Tuesdays, 11am – Equipment Pilates – Challenging Intermediate.
Tuesdays, noon – Jumpboard – Challenging Cardio Interval Pilates.
Wednesdays, noon – Reformer Pilates – Challenging Intermediate
Thursdays, 7am – Reformer Pilates – Challenging Intermediate.
Thursdays, 8am - Jumpboard – Challenging Cardio Interval Pilates.
Thursdays, 9am – Reformer/Chair Combo Class – Challenging. (**NEW Begins May 8**)
Fridays, 7am – Reformer Pilates – Challenging Intermediate.
Saturdays, 11am – Equipment Pilates – Intermediate.

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Session Type Certified Instructor Pricing Apprentice* Instructor Pricing
Private $75 $40
Package of 5 Privates $350 $200
Duo $45/person $25/person
Package of 5 Duos $200 $125
Trio $40/person $20/person
Package of 5 Trios $175 $225
Drop-In Equipment Class $35 $17
Package of 5 Equip Classes $150 $85

All sessions 55 minutes.
Please refrain from wearing perfumes, lotions, and oils.
*An Apprentice Instructor is an instructor who has completed Pilates coursework but has not completed all necessary hours or taken the certification exam. The same standards Mauro Pilates holds for Certified Instructors is upheld for Apprentice Instructors.
**Please make all changes and cancellations 24 hours in advance to avoid being charged for sessions.