Athletes like two things: getting faster and avoiding injuries. That’s why Mauro Pilates has sport-specific routines designed to make athletes perform with more strength, speed, and efficiency. Our instructors are continually tweaking clients’ routines in order to address any muscular imbalances we find with the dual benefit of avoiding injury and becoming stronger in their sport. We help athletes reach specific goals and prepare for specific events and races. Our instructors can also prepare at home workouts for traveling.

Athletically based Pilates sessions primarily focus on balanced unilateral movement, building joint mobility and strength, strengthening the smaller muscle groups to support the joints and larger muscles, foot placement and more. All of these things aid athletic performance as well as assist in both rehabilitation and prevention of injuries.

Mauro Pilates has worked with athletes from all backgrounds, including every day fitness junkies, elite marathoners, ultra-runners, cyclists, Ironman triathletes, football players, tennis players, golfers and skiers.

Pricing is dependent on number of people. View full list of pricing here.