Are you looking for something fun and healthy for kids to do after school?

Do you want an activity for your kids and their friends to do together that doesn’t involve a computer or television?

Do your children have amazing flexibility and you really want them to keep it?

Then Pilates for Kids might be just what you’re looking for! Pilates for kids is perfect for:

  • After school programs

  • Summer camps

  • Play dates

  • Something to keep your children occupied while running errands or taking an hour to yourself

  • Maintaining children’s natural mobility

  • Forming functional and beneficial movement patterns from a young age

  • Preventing those aches and pains that are all too familiar as adults

**Current Offerings: Privately booked privates or privately booked small groups.**

Pricing is dependent on number of students. View pricing.

Read the article Liana wrote for Austin Fit Magazine here.