You may have heard about the popular Barre workouts by now and they’re popular because they’re effective! So why should you choose Mauro Pilates? Because you won’t get bored, find yourself in a fitness rut, and your muscles aren’t going to get used to the movements. There are many methods that essentially repeat the same repertoire class after class, and it is these types of methods that are only going to take you so far. Instructors at Mauro Pilates fuse several popular methods along with moves they have come up with.

Teaching with music as a back drop, barre sessions feature many current and fun dance-inspired movements. This type of workout uses very little or no weight and high reps achieving spectacular results. The prominent areas of focus are: thighs, bottoms, waist, and arms.

You will begin to see results you LOVE within five sessions.

Do the below video for an idea of something you might do in a barre class at Mauro Pilates.