Injury Prevention + Rehabilitation

Through Liana’s own injuries and Pilates journey, she has come to realize how therapeutic Pilates is.  Whether you’re wanting to prevent injuries or speed up your recovery, with a knowledgeable instructor, Pilates can help.

Liana has successfully worked with clients who are recovering from rotator cuff injuries, SI joint injuries, knee injuries, and back injuries.  She has also helped clients reduce pain caused from foot cramping, plantarfasciitis, bulging discs, and tight neck/shoulders.

Liana is not a physical therapist but continually increases her knowledge through workshops, articles, books, and through consulting with other professionals like chiropracters, physical therapists, and pilates/yoga instructors.  Liana recognizes that Pilates is not the right path for everyone and if she finds that a client isn’t beginning to find relief after a few sessions, refers them to another professional.  It is of utmost importance to her that clients find relief from their pain whether that is with her or not.