As a lifelong competitive distance runner, Amanda has always been interested in fitness and exercise but it wasn’t until after college that Amanda first tried Mat Pilates at a large gym. Several years ago while out on a run, Amanda came across a studio that offered Pilates Reformer classes! It only took one class to become intrigued and after the first month, she loved the way her body felt and moved differently. It soon became Amanda’s primary source of exercise and movement. After one year as a regular client, Amanda began her teacher training, in Mat and Reformer, discovering how challenging mat Pilates truly is!

Amanda loves to see clients recognize the movement of their bodies in space, discover how capable they truly are, and be part of the experience that challenges both their bodies and minds.  She feels one of the most amazing things is seeing the smile of satisfaction on a client, while helping to guide them through their journey of movement, form, and strength.