Like many Texas grads, Sarah moved to Austin to attend college and has remained an Austin resident ever since. She studied Advertising at UT and has a career in corporate marketing. Her passion for Pilates was born when she took a mat class during college and as they say, the rest is history. It was an ideal fit for her as someone who suffered from chronic low back pain due to a mild case of scoliosis. After taking Pilates for a few years, she began her certification process through Peak Pilates to deepen her understanding. She completed her training in 2012 and has worked at UT Rec Sports and other pilates studios around Austin before joining Mauro Pilates. She loves to introduce new people to the benefits of Joseph’s work. The physical transformation she personally experienced and those she witnesses in others who practice is what keeps her inspired to teach. Peak Pilates engrained a classical teaching technique, focused on developing flow that follows the breath and quality of movement.