Maya, a homegrown Austinite, has had an appreciation for the body and all it can do for years. As a child, she was active in gymnastics and dance. Having a personal trainer for a mother instilled in her the value of a healthy mind and body.

She received her mat and reformer Pilates certification from Peak Pilates and spent a year as the protege of Shannon Rashap, where she focused on digging deeper into anatomy and the ability to see each body as unique and fit its needs accordingly. Through this training and mentorship, Maya learned to hone in on the personal needs of each student.

In 2016, Maya injured her back with a lumbar muscle strain, and was able to experience Pilates in a new way. Because of this injury, she began to appreciate the importance of listening to her body in a way she hadn’t before. She passes these principles on to her students. She teaches that Pilates is beneficial for long term healing and maintenance, physically and mentally.

When Maya isn’t at the studio, she is in her volunteer ministry, hiking, practicing her embroidery, making dinner with her family, laughing, or at Juiceland.