Trained in STOTT PILATES®, and in Postural Restoration®, with a long history of weight/resistance training, Ian’s passion is making people feel at home within their own bodies, fixing muscular imbalances that lead to pain and discomfort, and sculpting clients’ bodies to make them both feel and look amazing.

His focus on pain stems from spending several years in debilitating head-to-toe pain caused by his own imbalances and postural faults. Ian spent thousands of dollars and countless hours seeing various doctors, chiropractors, massage therapists, physiotherapists, acupuncturists, etc. and found out that most simply treat the symptoms and do very little to effect long-term improvements.

Still in pain, though slightly less after practicing Pilates, he was introduced to a Physical Therapist (by Liana Mauro!) that prescribed him some Postural Restoration® exercises that almost immediately took his low back pain from a high 9 down to a low 3, then eventually eliminated the pain completely. Already hooked on Pilates for the relief it had provided, and now on Postural Restoration®, Ian enrolled himself in the three advanced primary courses offered by the Postural Restoration Institute® and is now offering these exercises to those in need to help make you feel better faster and speed up your Pilates progress!

As an amateur bodybuilder, Ian likes to spend his free time training and sculpting his own body, learning tricks to bring into the studio to help others achieve their health/body goals with less work. He also enjoys hiking and playing pool volleyball with friends. A life-long insomniac, Ian’s current and longest running side project is figuring out how to cure his insomnia via natural means. He says any and all ideas are welcome.