Upcoming Workshops – Trauma Release Through Tremoring, Passion for the Pelvis + the Supple Spine

Posted by Liana Mauro in Blog, Events on January 7, 2015

We are thrilled to announce that with the start of 2015 we will begin offering trainings and workshops at Mauro Pilates! We are kicking off the year with 2 workshops that are particularly unique because anyone (no instructor or anatomy knowledge is required) interested in learning anatomy to release pain, improve performance and muscle organization, and feel more in control of their movement experience is welcome!

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A Christmas Note to Our Clients + Friends.

Posted by Liana Mauro in Blog on December 25, 2014

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Veggie Stuffed Sweet Potatoes

Posted by Liana Mauro in Blog, Recipes on September 24, 2014

For a good deal of my life I was a vegetarian. While I’ve since embraced and recognized the health benefits of seafood and meat, I still LOVE my veggies and sometimes crave a veggie only meal. Lately a go-to of mine that is easy, fast, and yummy (can it get any better?!) is any variety of sweet potato stuffed with whatever veggies I have on hand. Here’s my favorite combination: Continue Reading »

Paleo Chocolate Chip Cookies

Posted by Liana Mauro in Blog, Recipes on July 17, 2014

Most of us health lovers still have a sweet tooth so it’s exciting to discover recipes that are full of health goodness while still being YUMMY. Here’s a recipe originally found in the Primal Cravings cookbook and modified slightly to suit my personal dietary preferences. Continue Reading »

Hydrating Paleo Summer Iced Latte

Posted by Liana Mauro in Blog, Recipes on July 8, 2014

Being in Texas in the summer heat means we activity lovers need to pay even more attention to staying hydrated. Continue Reading »

Saturday, July 12 – 1.5 hr Pilates Bootcamp!

Posted by Liana Mauro in Blog, Events on July 2, 2014

Think bootcamp meets Pilates. Blend of bootcamp style intensity fused with the elements of Pilates we love: muscular balance and alignment, integrity of movement, and oh yes – Mary, your instructor will smile (not yell!) at you! Expect a fun-filled, challenging, sweaty, fast-paced workout sure to leave you walking out on wobbly legs. Class is limited to 4 students. $30/person.

Register here or email for more information.

Burn Your Booty + Killer Kore Summer Class

Posted by Liana Mauro in Blog, Events on July 2, 2014

Every Thursday in July: Burn Your Booty + Killer Kore
Target those summer hot spots in a quick and fast paced 30 minute class or book a double for a full hour of very targeted moves!
    Thursdays 6-6:30pm: 30min. Burn Your Booty
    Thursdays 6:30-7pm: 30min. Killer Kore
Classes limited to 4 students
Both Classes for 5-Weeks: $150
1 Class for 5-Weeks: $80
Drop-in Pricing Per Class: $18
Register here or email for more information.

June Client of the Month – Approaching 70 in Fantastic Shape!

Posted by Liana Mauro in Blog, Client of the Month on June 27, 2014

This month we’re thrilled to recognize Sally D as our Client of the Month. Sally first came to visit us about a year and a half ago experiencing severe hip pain, moderate shoulder pain with very limited range of motion, and limited movement through her spine due to a spinal surgery. Continue Reading »

Hmmm….what to eat before Pilates?

Posted by Liana Mauro in Blog, Health + Movement Tips on June 9, 2014

A question we often get asked in the studio is what clients should eat before coming in for Pilates. While we do believe in individuality and that every person is different with how their body responds to particular foods, there are general tips we can offer. Continue Reading »

May Client of the Month – Athletically Approaching 40!

Posted by Liana Mauro in Blog, Client of the Month on May 23, 2014

Meet Chris D. our latest client of the month who, after competitively racing long distances for years found himself living with a lot of chronic injuries and pain. Determined to find a long term solution he sought out Pilates and began working with one of our fabulous instructors, Mary. After only a few months his low back pain has decreased and he is gradually building up his running mileage. Congratulations, Chris – we are thrilled for you! Read his story here. Continue Reading »