Client Testimonials

Pilates Reviews

“I have been going to Liana’s Pilates classes twice a week for the past 2 months. I have honestly never seen better results from a type of exercise or trainer than I have with Liana’s Pilates classes! It is so much fun, and I always feel stronger and more toned afterward. She’s a great teacher – explains things really well, gives modifications, puts together amazingly creative and challenging workouts, and motivates you to keep going. I highly recommend her for anyone looking to tone, lose weight, improve strength, or just mix up their fitness routine!”
Natalie Y.

“In the last several months since starting Pilates classes with Liana I have seen a significant change in the tone and appearance of my entire body. My legs are more toned and slender, my arms show more muscle definition, and I have significantly more abdominal strength. Pilates is a great addition to the cardio work that I do. I am very happy and surprised with the dramatic benefits I have seen so far.”
— Collin O.

I have tried barre, running, p90x, & other various workout dvds, but nothing came close to toning my full body in that short amount of time like pilates did. I lost one dress size in a month just by attending class twice a week. Liana is great at creating and modifying workouts to fit your needs, goals, and skill level. Don’t think that you will get bored after a few weeks like with most workout routines. She will have new workouts to show you in no time so always expect a different challenge every time you attend class.
I am not the most flexible person in the world, but Liana helps modify the moves for me so that I am in a comfortable position and not straining my lower back. She also corrects your body position/alignment if you are slightly off so that you are getting the full benefits of the workout.
Laura C.

“Excellent Pilates class!  Every inch of your body gets a great stretch and workout.  Toning occurs in areas you didn’t even know you had and I was a gymnast for 18 years!!!  Miss Mauro, the instructor, is excellent.  The one hour class has a great rhythm to it and I always leave there feeling rejuvenated and ready for my day.  She really knows her stuff!  I look forward to the class each week!”
— Shaunna S.

Pilates for Triathletes Review:

“If I could give 10 stars, I would. I’ve raced 9 Ironman Triathlons, even more half-Ironman distance races, and dozens more shorter distance races. It wasn’t until I began with Liana that I realized how important pilates is for EVERY person generally, and every triathlete specifically. It is integral for both the prevention of injury and the enhancement of performance.

It boils down to three things: Liana is a terrific teacher, and more importantly, a FANTASTIC communicator—you always know what she means (and if you don’t speak “pilates” this is extremely helpful). Second, she personalizes the classes for your needs based on what she sees and what you ask for. Third, she is extremely responsive—if you have a question, she always has an answer, whether it be in person or over e-mail. Put it this way: you get way more than your money’s worth.

If you want to try pilates on any level, you should not pass over Liana for anyone.”
— Joe S.

“In just the past 2 months since I’ve added Mauro Pilates to my weekly cross-training routine, I’ve noticed a marked improvement in my balance, leg strength, and stability while running on the road and especially on trails.  Liana has an amazing arsenal of exercises to keep both your mind and body challenged.  This helped me recover quickly from a Kona-qualifying race at Ironman Cozumel in late November 2011 and 6 weeks later place 6th at the 2012 USATF 100km Trail National Championships in Bandera, TX.  If you’re injury-prone or looking to remain injury-free, I highly recommend Mauro Pilates!!!!”
- Paul T.

Barre Review

“I wanted to write to let you and your clients know that I am thrilled with the bar class. It looks easy but gets every part of your body in an hour. My husband has noticed results after just two weeks which is exciting to me and makes me more motivated when he is seeing changes in me that fast!! I love it and Liana is always making sure you are doing it correctly to get the most out of it. Plus – you can’t help but want to keep doing it when you see her body and that’s what she does. Love her and getting to like my body – thanks to her!!!”
Natasha G.

Injury & Rehabilitation Reviews:

“When, after 4 months of physical therapy for a knee injury, I was still unable to go back to my dance classes, I signed up for pilates sessions with Liana. Through her knowledge and careful instruction, these sessions not only strengthened my knee and surrounding muscles, but they gave me a newfound knowledge of my body alignment and allowed me to continue dancing.”
Claudia A.

“For the past 9 months, I have suffered from a collapsed disc in my back at L4-L5. I had been in a boot camp and doing high intensity plyometric exercises and my back just gave out. I had very sharp, stabbing pain going from my lower back down my legs. After a few weeks of physical therapy, nothing was changing. Then I found pilates! My instructor, Liana, changed my life! I had been so depressed from not exercising and being in so much pain all the time. After about 6 weeks of core strengthening exercises I started to recover! I was pain free in 4 months, which if you have had back pain, you know is not a very long time. The core abdominal work and stretching truly is the best exercise if you have had any injury. And pilates is an exercise you can do your whole life!”
Mari J.

“Liana is great!  I have chronic fatigue and shoulder issues, after a session with Liana I felt challenged and well worked out within my limitations.  Liana took the time to assess the issues I deal with and took care not to over do my work out.  The day after, which in my case is always the test — I still felt good, my shoulders were looser with more movement and I can’t wait for my next session!”
Hilary C.

“I recommend Liana Mauro as an efficient and knowledgeable pilates instructor. I began taking pilates with Liana after I sustained a series of injuries. Liana took me through a series of exercises designed to strengthen the weak areas of my body causing the injuries. I noticed a difference after only three sessions. And now, with increased awareness of my body’s movements, I am well on my way to being injury free and able to fully participate in all of the activities I enjoy!” — Libby S.