Meet Instructor Amanda Bucher

Amanda’s love for Pilates originated from her profession as a commercial and theatrical dancer.  She began her professional career in Los Angeles in 2004, where she began working for Disney.  She has danced behind artists such as Leann Rimes and Hilary Duff, and continued to sharpen her dance and
jump rope skills with Disney.  Dancing with Holland America Line allowed her to travel to almost 50 countries, and in 2008 had the wonderful privilege to play Young Wendy in Peter Pan’s Neverland for Universal Studios Japan in Osaka.  She was also part of L.A.’s Urban Poets when they performed in the 2009 Fringe Festival in Edinburgh, Scotland.  

In addition to a BBA in Finance from The University of Texas at Austin, Amanda has a fully comprehensive Pilates certification from L.A.’s Pilates Sports Center, where she learned both classical and progressive repertoire.  Her teaching style focuses on neutral spine while providing the client with modifications and/or challenging variations.  You’ll leave each session with a better understanding of your body and feeling worked out, taller and refreshed.  She truly believes Pilates is for every body and hopes to still be practicing it when she’s 90!