About Mauro Pilates


When opening Mauro Pilates, owner Liana Mauro, had a vision to be a different kind of Pilates studio.  But how?

She started by establishing Mauro Pilates as the first location in Austin to offer Pilates on the “contemporary” STOTT PILATES® equipment.  What makes this type of equipment so special?  STOTT PILATES® equipment is much more versatile making it easier to adjust for common problem areas like tight hip flexors and tense neck/shoulders. It is also much more accessible for athletes because it has the ability to provide increased range of motion for the shoulder girdle, has many more options for standing on the equipment, and has options that make it possible to simultaneously include multiple major muscle groups.  That’s why the studio uses STOTT PILATES® V2Max Plus Reformers, equipment that provides increased range of motion and are known as the optimal tools for Pilates based sport-specific, rehab and cross-training movement. Mauro Pilates is a fully equipped STOTT PILATES® studio with V2Max Plus Reformers, Stability Chairs, Cadillac, Barrels, and other small props.

Once establishing her business as having unique equipment, Liana began expanding into additional areas of speciality.  Not only are private and group Pilates options available, Mauro Pilates offers Pilates/Barre combo classes (B-ilates), Pilates as Rehab/Injury Prevention, and Pilates for Kids.

In July 2013, we were fortunate to have been able to expanded our studio space and bring on additional instructors. Each of our instructors is incredibly qualified, bringing passion and their own unique twist on Pilates. We have serious passion for Pilates with lighthearted delivery. You’ll be physically challenged while having a good time. It’s likely you’ll walk out of our studio with a some sweat and a smile on your face.

Working with everyone – from children to elite athletes – Mauro Pilates provides an array of Pilates services specifically targeting the following specialties: injury rehabilitation, weight loss, fitness, and general lifestyle betterment. We have been honored to have this passion rewarded by being voted “Best Pilates” in 2011, and top 3 “Best Pilates” in 2012 and 2013 by Austin Fit Magazine.

Every session is thoroughly tailored to you, always designed to fit your needs, and carefully crafted with your goals in mind.  It’s Pilates, but it’s for you.