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Mauro Pilates - Pilates Studio - Austin Texas

Customize your Workouts.


Try one (or more!) of our targeted classes including More for the Core, Cardio Pilates, Booty & Inner Thigh Blast, Yogilates, Sculpted Arms, Pilates for Runners and more.

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Mauro Pilates - Pilates Studio - Austin Texas

Saturday May 16, 11am-12:30pm

90 Minute Pilates Bootcamp!

Expect to get sweaty + a serious burn in every muscle you never knew existed all while having a great time.

Just $35/person.

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Mauro Pilates - Pilates Studio - Austin Texas

15 Minute Core Classes.

Happy International Pilates Day!

Celebrate International Pilates Day at Mauro Pilates with 15 Minute Core Classes. Just $5.

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Welcome to Mauro Pilates!

Mauro Pilates ranks as one of Austin’s best Pilates studios offering customized, creative and fun private sessions, private groups, and group equipment classes. Mauro Pilates also hosts a variety of weekend workshops, offers bi-monthly 90-minute Pilates Bootcamp classes, as well as a variety of 30-minute classes. The instructors at Mauro Pilates have the ability to work at the level of each individual client to offer creative and appropriately challenging sessions in a friendly environment.

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